Monday, March 31, 2008

The Founding Father of Freelance Fodder

Welcome back to Freelancer's Lament and the first official post in 2008! Great.

Not much has happened since Freelancer's Lament was in it's prime; got pneumonia, went to LA to schmooze with potential TV producers, got nowhere, and here I am. All I have to share with you now is the following was my April Fool's Day prank. Well, I want to start again by asking who you are out there so if you are here, speak up. What's your story? Freelancer? A lamenter?

Thanks and welcome back.

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring is Back And So is Freelancer's Lament!

Starting April's Fool Day, Freelancer's Lament will publishing again (once a week), this time around focusing on my full-out attempt to getting published in The New Yorker. I've been away publishing the very popular online magazine Today's Snowman but the snow is melting and newspapers & publications are going through the worst time in ages...if you're a freelancer it's time to be angry again. Annoying ramblings, rejected cartoons, disjointed pronouncements will be par for the day. As that fatter Bob says, welcome home, again.

(The top image from Harper's Weekly is from my private collection and is the first example of a snowman in a newspaper (1868). More can be learned in The History of the Snowman.

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