Saturday, May 10, 2008

Freelancers Unite, Again

All freelancers should be aware of a bill which was just approved by House Subcommittee called Orphan Works which will affect the ownership of our art. This includes filmmakers, photographers, musicians and graphic artists. Here's a link which discusses some of the more sensational opinions circulating the web. I have no personal connection with these people and please make your own conclusions.

I will say the bill worsens our position to protecting our work but to what extent is up to debate and the way things are now our work isn't fully protected (I'm currently paying lawyers now who explain being totally in the right cannot make people pay you what they owe and seems to happen to everyone – just reading how Devo is in the courts for all the commercials they lent their music to but never got paid.).

That said, I'm spreading the word on the subject and after learning the facts, if you wish, a friend emailed me a link which allows you to voice your opinion against the current Orphan Works. It took me only seconds to say I oppose this bill.

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