Thursday, March 22, 2007


Apologies to all who follow this blog. For the past few weeks I was unable to post as I was involved in multible legal proceedings including an apartment closing (for my place in Brooklyn), a contract dispute and 2 court cases. I'd finish into the evening dealing with all the phone calls to lawyers, etc. then working through the night on freelance jobs until 4 am or so and catch three or so hours sleep. I won't bore you with the details and a couple are ongoing so I can't anyway. One case that finished (in my favor) was stopping a subdivision from being built next door to me. I testified and stated my objections to my neighbor trying to illegally start a development on her land – it was a violation of zoning and she forged deeds.

I chair a Preservation Land committee in Pennsylvania and this is the second house development I successfully blocked. The other has since become ten acres of public forest for everyone to enjoy. I have been heavily involved in the Lacawac Sanctuary and until my recent time problems, I produced a quarterly newsletter called Notes From the Forest which discusses scientifc work and research at this 500-acre site where it can boost having the most Southern North American glacier lake.

Anyway, please revisit Freelancer's Lament as I resume a every other day schedule of posting on this blog. Thanks and again sorry for dropping out of sight.

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