Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hire Yourself

Waiting for the phone to ring? Wait no more. There's an interesting piece in today by Dylan Stableford (which is featured on Media Bistro), explaining an exciting new development in publishing where anyone will soon be able to publish their own magazine. Of course, this way you can hire yourself till your heart's content! Freelance writing jobs at will, illustration & photo assignments pouring in...

I'm toying with some titles, Popular Maniacs (features on stars like Kramer, Mel Gibson, etc) and Broken Homes & Gardens (covering Christie Brinkley and other celebrity divorces), and Travel & Occupation (the first magazine just for American wars).

My own version of Star published from my basement (and reporting with a shoe string budget).

Folio magazine just asked media-types for mid-year media predictions. I suggested the following based on my observation that the magazine has become a toy for seniors, going the way of the phonograph. "As magazines have officially become leisure items for seniors (eg. most healthy magazines have been AARP, Reader's Digest, Modern Maturity, Playboy, etc.), TV will follow suit and expect to see more shows for seniors this upcoming season;"

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