Saturday, July 12, 2008

Return From Brimfield

LAKE WALLENPAUPACK, PENNSYLVANIA – Back home the finds of the week have already found a home. (Above birdhouse. Asking $12, talked down to $10.)

2) Bottle-opener. Asked for $25, got for $20. Tammy said face really scared her and would not allow to put in kitchen. Buried now in basement. (Those are crate labels Modge-podged to the steps going down.)

3) Bucket for $5 – not even worth mentioning. Oops, just did. (Cool squirrel, right?)

4) Have no idea why I bought this green piece of wood. $20 down the drain. It was the drain floor to a row boat. Couldn't find a better place to put it so I nailed it to the side of the garage for reasons even I don't understand.

5) As if my office wasn't pretentious enough, I got those two black gauges. "Sorry, I have no need for a Volt-meter...$20, sorry, no...$15? What part of 'I don't know what a volt meter is' don't you understand?...$, no, no, thanks...$5?! OK!" Never before has an office had so much work done to it and so little work done in it.

6 & 7) Guy wanted $40 for the pair of cast iron pieces. On the right is a match stick holder (one container for new, one for used matches). He said the snowman was one of a kind. When I returned the next day there was an identical one in the same place (I paid $5 and he was asking for $15 from passerbys.).

8) $20 for the pie case. Good illustration of my gullibility. Guy at outside flea market promised I'd see many inside Brimfield for double the price. Never saw another, not even sure this is a pie case.

9) Tammy got this set for $70 and I believe it involved some monkey business as she thought she was getting quotes for pairs of pins. She said she needed them for an "art project." And I needed that funnel cake for political reasons.

Speaking of half-truths, one piece of crap that didn't make it on the trip home was a painting supposedly "owned by Charlie Sheen" and "thrown out of his home on the objections of his then wife, Denise Richards." I wanted to buy it if the guy could find a bag to carry it in as I didn't want to be seen with it. But the guy wouldn't go lower then $50 while Tammy threatened divorce. It was a large acrylic painting of the American flag. The lines and edges were all crooked. In the foreground was a naked woman with spiked hair and huge Tome Rider like body proportions placing her hands together in prayer. I will never own the world's most beautiful painting in my life...but this was my chance to own the ugliest.

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John J Savo, the Authoring Auctioneer said...

Being in my business... I don't like stuff... It all looks the same to me. But I can say that it looks like you found some different things. And I like how you hung that thing on the house. It looks deliciously conspicuous and out of place.