Sunday, November 26, 2006

Illustrating My Favorite Team's Woes

Here’s the final. My parents told me they bought an extra copy for me when I see them. But no time to gloat. By tomorrow I have to come up with ideas for a group of financial stories and charts running in Money Adviser magazine and I have already exhausted all the metaphors to illustrate retirement saving or online shopping in the past couple of years. My motivation is the challenge to come up with something new each issue – I’m not getting paid for the execution of the illustration but for the ideas. The pay is little. It'll take four of these financial illustrations to make the same as I did drawing a crack on Eli Manning's helmet for the Times.

Meanwhile I need an idea for my TimeOut cartoon by late tomorrow. I just started working on it this morning while lying in bed finding the initiative to make an overdue bathroom stop. Something to do with Christmas…The Illustrated Guide to Christmas Ornaments…Christmas Ornaments for Atheists…I probably can’t come up with enough symbols of atheists…OK, Christmas Ornaments for Atheists and Racists, and I’ll do a Michael Richards ornament...not enough… Christmas Ornaments for Atheists, Racists & Dentists…OK, Christmas displays in department stores…ugh.

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Buffie said...

I'm not sure if I can help, but maybe you could have a drawing of seniors hiding money under their mattresses or in newspapers (that's what my grandmother does). I wish you luck on your projects.
If you get the chance you can check out my blog at

Freelancer said...

I checked it out! - thanks and thanks for the suggestions, I may use them...