Tuesday, November 28, 2006

What, Me Worry?

Everything in the world is right again. My publisher and editor, who I am pretty damn lucky to have, liked my suggestion of taking the parts they wanted cut and keeping them in. I’m happy with this solution. The size of the book, my editor has shared with me, will be changed from the cigarette box dimensions talked about at last week’s meeting to something like an adult reading size book the type buyers gravitate towards. But of course, that’s their decision. I’m behind them 100% whichever way we decide to market this book. Sounds like we’re a well-oiled book machine here. I kind of knew all this would work out and in the end we’d be on the same page. When you work in this business as long as I have, you have to exercise patience and understand it’s a process. My friends said tonight at dinner it looked like I lost a lot of weight and that I looked like hell. It felt good to eat again.

This morning I did my TV spot. I was sweating like Ernest Borgnine. It airs tomorrow in Pennsylvania (Channel 16 WNEP 6pm News) and soon on YouTube. A lot of people will see it – I won’t be one of them. If I see how stupid I look and sound I'll never agree to be on TV again.

The host Mike Stevens was a really nice guy and I have to make sure to send him a nice thank you. Here’s a picture of the full TV crew unloading all the cameras and equipment in my driveway.

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Buffie said...

Just wanted to congratulate you on getting your book done the way that you wanted. What's it called and I'll look for it? The only thing that I've ever been published in is a book called "America at the Millenium" it a book of poetry.
I'd like to have one of my own, but after reading all that you have gone through I might have a change my mind about being a writer.

Freelancer said...

Thanks. It's called The History of the Snowman; From theIce Age to the Flea Market. It comes up October 2007.