Sunday, February 11, 2007

A New Way to Flush Your Pets Down the Toilet

Sometimes all you need is a goal, an object of luxury to work for that would symbolize having made it. For me that would be the Fish 'N Flush toilet. The ultimate in excessiveness, it is also ideal for apartment dwellers like me who have limited space. Of course, the bowl can double as the dog's water bowl. Interesting how it also consolidates the home's two most difficult spots to keep clean – the toilet and the fish tank (and I'm guessing things can get pretty scary quickly in that corner of the house with just a trace of neglect).

I've actually seen a demostration and when you flush the toilet the fish clearly jump and are skittish as the water in a separate, adjacent container drains past them, unsure if their luck has run out. To fully enjoy your aquarium it's best to use it facing the other way, which I've learned takes some geting used to.

Speaking of toilets, another surprising website (which I don't want to link) is The Balloon Destroyer, a site for those who enjoy the fetish of watching women sit on balloons. I came across this disturbing corner of the information highway while googling for images to draw my idea of moderating runway model's weight by making them take (sitting on) balloon tests. I learned the Balloon Destroyer is actually a housewife of 4 who profits from the weakness in men by selling DVDs of herself bursting balloons with her excessive weight.

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Marcy said...

I love this fish tank. I am a proud owner of four goldfish -- one recently died -- but they don't look nearly as resplendent as the ones in this toilet bowl.