Friday, February 9, 2007

The Write Stuff

What does it take to be a successful writer? In a recent interview in MediaBistro a well-known editor was asked what advise he would give to writers. His blunt, truthful insight to this business; “Be famous.” It’s worked for most bestsellers. What do O.J. Simpson, the Unabomber and First Daughter Jenna Bush all have in common? They’re famous, they’ve all had a small brush with the law and they’re all shopping around books (How Jenna Got Wild, Got Booked, and Got a Six-Figure Book Deal cartoon).

(By the way, that editor actually was my editor when I first jotted down this post a couple of days ago. I wrote jokingly after that "I should expect a new editor any day now." It's a few days and sure enough he's no longer my editor and I just met my fourth editor.)

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