Monday, February 5, 2007

And the winner is...

For all of those you missed the Super Bowl, the winner of the Cartoon Caption Contest was Larry Roibal, with his winning caption of;

"It looks like they're going to stop the clock for a measurement, Al." "That's right John, this official time out is brought to you by the good folks of Pfizer, who want to remind you that the next time you come up six inches short, sustain that drive with a little blue pill."

Not the most concise punchline but the funniest (and the only one received that was not totally offensive). Actually, complaints outnumbered legitimate entries and with that the cartoon in question has been altered for this (and future) posts. To avoid future complaints let me clarify that, yes, Mr. Roibal was the artist of the cartoon but there was a loophole in the rules which clearly stated that all of Larry Roibal's relatives would be ineligible but it said nothing about Larry himself. Thanks to everyone who submited entries but, again, Larry was funniest.

Aside from his no expenses paid trip to Miami, Mr. Roibal will be interviewed here in the near future about his life as a freelancer.

Hall of Famer Coach Lombardi at the first Super Bowl surrounded by two freelance cartoonists.

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