Saturday, July 12, 2008

Brimfield Day 1

BRIMFIELD, MASS. – Spending the week at the famous yard sale here at Brimfield. At the cast iron booth I saw some nice knockers and bottle openers. I'll post pictures tomorrow. Having a great time but can't help think this is where I will wound up up some day...selling all my possessions after crashing and burning on the freelance highway.

Random notes; Was invited to return in September (the 3rd leg) to sign (History of the Snowman) books...Had dinner with Antique Roadshow's Gary Sohmer and his very nice lady Rita...Just ran into Parker Posey...Was a guest today on WCAP. Introduced as a big name cartoonist. Really. Didn't have enough airtime to correct this error. I was asked what I was looking for in Brimfield. I replied, "A clean bathroom."

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John J Savo, the Authoring Auctioneer said...

Well, Bob... If you ever crash and burn, I'll be glad to sell your knockers and bottle openers for you so you don't have to stand in the hot sun at a flea market...

David said...

I be lovin' me some Brimfields. Wish I was there too.