Thursday, July 31, 2008

Freelancing Tips 102

So where do you get the time–the time to promote, create, cultivate, circulate, get your face onto My Space, Facebook everyone you ever glanced at, and still write a book

You can save time by trying to crack the freelancer's worst addiction, monitoring your rankings (I'm guilty myself and plan to finally practice what I preach.). 

Take a break from the rankings, TitleZ, your sitemeter, your blog's google numbers and anything else out there constantly judging us. As a surly bar-b-que chef down in New Orleans once said, "If you're lookin', you're not cookin'."

For more on this subject, see the NY Times article Clearing Up a Blurry Work Life by the blogger of Lifehacker, which you may find helpful. 

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John J Savo, the Authoring Auctioneer said...

In response to both of your tips articles. The pressure of making sure I write an article at least once a week (and now a couple of paragraphs every day on a new blog) has taught me to be less of a perfectionist. Many times, when I think I have written crap, people love it. So, I've learned to stop picking at the metaphorical scab. And as far as time... I find time to blog, write, promote, etc by not sleeping.

Snowman Expert said...

John, very good point. Thanks as you said something I had hoped to say which it's Ok to make mistakes. The best comedians expect to produce 9 clinkers for every good joke. It's more important you crank out work - just keep making paper airplanes and chuck them out the window. One of them will stick.

Stephen Tiano said...

Well, self-promotion surely has to be fully half the job of a freelancer. I mean, we’re always one job away from not paying next month’s bills, unless we have an additional source of income.

And that brings me to social networking tools. Does anyone know the one that brings contact with the most people who might use publishing freelancers? That’d be worth an article.

Snowman Expert said...

Steve, thanks for your point and I will try to address you question in near future. Off the cuff, I can state this is a case by case situation with one networking tool perfect for one person and not so much for a different person. Face to face is still number 1 in, if you can pull it off. Just meet an art director myself in person at a concert. Pure luck. That's worth ten postcards left in her inbox. I know that's not exactly what you meant but Facebook and others is a great unknown as far as track record. More soon and again thanks.