Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Joy of Freelancing

It's been pointed out that this blog has an undertone of bitterness (e-mail responses and a phone call from a psychologist confirm this). If freelancing is about anything, it's about balance and toward that end let's begin to look at some of the attractive benefits to freelancing. Reason number one;

1. Working for the man or freelancing? No contest.

Tomorrow Reason 2; Not worrying about your personal hygiene.

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1 comment:

Buffie said...

Why would you believe what a psychologist says? Everyone knows that they are quacks. And just in case he or she reads this here is my email address so that they can get me directly

I was told by one when I was 18 that I was depressed. HELLO. I was 18 and trying to join the Navy, I was way beyond depressed. I was down right nuts.

As far as what you put in your blog, the operative word is "your". You can depict freelancing any way that you want. No one has to read it if they don't want to. So let them think what they want. As long as what you put is honest then I don't see a problem. I just detest liars.