Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Lesson 4: Expect The Worse

I just had that important phone with my editor. Or should I say my former editor. I learned that she is leaving her publishing house and will be unable to finish my book. The status of the book is unclear and the only thing clear now is that this is bad news. She had been a great help with the book – an one-in-a-million editor and wonderful to work with. This is a big setback.

In freelancing, this is referred to as “”the other shoe dropping.” It’s best to remember that, as a freelancer, there will be many more days like this.
Tomorrow – Lesson 5; Coping With the Ups & Downs of Freelancing

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1 comment:

Buffie said...

Sorry to hear that your editer left you high and dry, but its good to know that the fates aren't just picking on my family this week. The truck has been in the shop 3 times this week and I'm close to blowing it up. ;)