Monday, December 11, 2006

What's the Point?

Why did I become a freelancer? I made that decision on April 21st, 1983. That fateful day was not only my first day at work at the Timber Tree Golf Course, but my first day of working ever. I got the job from my brother, who worked there and was an accomplished golfer. I took the job because it would allow me to play as much golf as I wanted to for free and I needed to work on my game. I would be a “starter,” sending off groups in intervals and making sure everyone paid before they teed off. My work space was an outhouse situated next to the first tee and my day began at 5:30 am.

Working at a golf course I saw a lot of strange things. Even though I only worked there a total of three hours before I was fired, it gave me enough perspective what it was like in the working force to contemplate going the freelance route. The first mistake I made that day was strolling in nonchalantly with a cup of hot chocolate and book at 5:29 am even though I was warned the boss was a lunatic. As I gave a big “Howdy do!” to the boss, he and the rest of the crew in the clubhouse just shot me back nothing but glares. Well, I didn’t let this ruin my mood and I took my hot coco down to the starter’s hut and before I knew it I was laughing it up with the early-bird hackers. About three hours later a golf cart was racing down the hill from the clubhouse. It was the boss and he was furious. “We do not hire drug-takers! You’re fired!” Aside from an allergy pill I took because they just mowed the grass, I was not on drugs.

So that was the end of that. I made a pledge never to work for anyone again and six years later I began my career as a freelancer.

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Buffie said...

Don't be to hard on yourself. If you are doing something that you love, that's all that matters. I'm a stay at home mom of a 4 year old, a seamstress and a want to be auther of children's books. I have had a series of 6 written for about 9 years (as well as around 50 poems, a lost art I know).
Like I said though, after hearing about all the troulbe that you have had, they may just stay unpublished. I have enough stress in my life without adding all that to it. ;)

Freelancer said...

There are some great classes for wanna be children book authors on I will look when I get a chance and send them your way. Marketing is as important as being creative and getting the Writer's Market for Children's Books is a good place to start to finding an agent (even with, but especially because of, your limited time - I understand). Good luck and hope you books eventually get published.

Buffie said...

This is just a joke, but have you ever thought about being an agent?

Its not time that I don't have, I have plenty of that, with the exception of tomorrow. Christmas baking day with my little girl. Its the stress that will come with it. I don't handle stress well at all. When I am in a HIGH stress situation I start getting chest pains and feel faint. I know that there is nothing wrong with my heart (its been checked), but the pain can be intense.