Thursday, December 14, 2006

Snowman Report

Aside from illustrating the next issue of Money Adviser magazine and Consumer Reports, I’ve been busy the past few days with snowman book related stuff…I redid a good portion of the book, cutting 6,500 words and adding two new chapters and quickly turned it over to my on-the-way-out-editor so that hopefully it get published under the wire before she leaves…meanwhile, a variation of my TV spot aired on a show called Pennsylvania Home & Backyard and I did an interview with a local paper…but most of the past week was spent in conversation with the world’s leading archaeologists.

I sought their help in writing my last chapter The Ice Age: Who Came First, the Caveman or the Snowman? You might recognize the man on the far left – he was the host of PBS’s popular How Art Changed the World. You won’t recognize the guy on the far right unless you saw last Saturday’s Pennsylvania Home & Backyard because that’s me. Two other leading experts in the field who helped me greatly were art theorist Matt Gatton and Prof. Dale Guthrie of the University of Alaska. There were others who lent their expertise to my analysis but these three were the prime players.

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Buffie said...

???????????? How did you cut 6500 words and add 2 chapters?