Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Stephen Colbert Ushers in the New Year

Welcome back to all visitors. For most freelancers the holidays are pretty grueling – editors and art directors give assignments before they start their vacation with the intentions for having finishes waiting for them when they return. Each year I do a full page editorial for Newsday. This year's was made up of 48 celebrities who made the news in 2006. Due Christmas day, I take on this particular job each year because of the gratitude I have for this art director – he gave me my first break letting me draw in this haphazard style (twenty years ago when I started at Newsday as a "kid").

So I worked late Christmas eve like Bob Cratchit (heck, the Newsday art director was working Christmas day). I spent two days drawing the likenesses going directly to final and redoing only those who looked nothing like the person. I decided 50% was going to have to do considering the pressing deadlines of the other 9 jobs I was juggling.

From the "Foot-in-Mouth" float

From the Divorce float

For an interview about my snowman collection click here.

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