Saturday, January 13, 2007

Who Needs a Timeout?

2007© Bob Eckstein

This week’s TimeOut cartoon is about plaNYC [sic], New York City’s plan on how to deal with our growing population problem and the strains it has on our infrastructure (until August 2006 I didn't know [sic] meant intentional misspelling). The report stated that by 2030 rush-hour would last all day and just walking midtown could take days (I provided 6 different solutions for sidewalk congestion including double-decker cafe tables. Please let me know if you spot any in your city.). Before any cartoon is published it gets looked over by a few editors and comes back with changes and concerns – often legal ones when using real celebrities and such. In the case of this cartoon, I had one panel where I suggested we speed up sidewalk traffic by making it mandatory for all slow walking seniors to wear online skates.

This blog will focus more on freelance writing once my illustrating binge ends and time allows (I’ve been working on assignments until sometimes 4 or 5 am – and not sleeping late but starting at 9 am the next day). A couple of nights ago I began work on the cover of my snowman book, creating 35 covers in 8 hours, many with original artwork and typefaces. There's a really helpful, entertaining website called Book Covers where published covers are critiqued by visitors, many who are presumably in the biz. My creations covered the full gamut of moods and styles. Here are a couple of examples;

2007© Bob Eckstein

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