Wednesday, January 24, 2007

What Not To Wear

2007 © Bob Eckstein

Traditionally, freelancers need not wear anything behind their computer monitor so I’m the last person who should be pontificating on fashion but Full Frontal Fashion Week is upon us and the VCR is already warmed up. It was the subject of my latest TimeOut cartoon but not without a lot of hair pulling with as many revisions as changing hemlines last season. I kept on fighting for jokes no one else got including a joke having the fashion police make models do weigh-ins by having them sit on and pop balloons before they’re allowed on the runway. Instead the editors wanted to run a sketch I doodled in their office that I thought was pure crap. I was actually in there pitching a piece about Superbowl halftime shows including a parade of floats called A Tribute to Erectile Dysfunction. Here are some of the rough sketch outtakes.

Another halftime idea was to have a midfield demolition derby of New York City cabs with miked-up drivers to broadcast obscenities in 8 different languages.
2007 © Bob Eckstein

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