Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Super Bowl Halftime – Big Apple Style

We Got Your Super Bowl Half-Time Right Here
Unfortunately, the Super Bowl never comes to New York City otherwise you can be sure nobody would be drifting into the kitchen during halftime. Here are some out-of-the-box half-time shows, NYC Style;

Cartoon Caption Contest
Erectile dysfunction usually strikes a cord and incites healthy open conversation (more than once I've used it as an ice-breaker at parties). My rough sketch of NFL pharmaceutical sponsors having an erectile dysfunction inspired a few drawings to be sent my way and I'd like to include a couple of the best. The following is from freelance illustrator, Larry Roibal, who ironically, paints romance covers (any covers where a guy is throwing a ball through a tire?). Larry provides play-by-play with his roughs;
"Short of letting them float away, they couldn't figure out how to get them off the field without upsetting the censors..."

"We thought of deflating them, but the sponsr wouldn't hear of it."

Actually, there was a third drawing which climaxed the sequence but even I had to draw the line and censor the drawing, or at least the caption. So here's the drawing minus the offensive caption. (Yes, I will entertain the best punchlines, which will be voted on and give the original answer in a future post. No entries later than halftime of the Super Bowl when the winner will be announced at midfield before the start of the third quarter. The winner will receive tickets and be flown immediately to the game and later interviewed live (kinda) on this blog. Participants must be freelancers and cannot be members of my family, related to Larry Roibal or employees of Viagra, Performex, Cialis, Levitra or Time Warner Cable.)

Intially, my idea for a better Super Bowl halftime show was for the US government to postphone Hussein's execution until halftime but I find the idea, in hindsight, offensive and glad that Prince will be performing instead.

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